A Quick Look Through a Celestron NexStar Telescope

The Celestron NexStar series of astronomical telescopes comprises a large range of models, including affordable entry-level telescopes and powerful telescopes with advanced features which are designed for serious stargazing. You can easily find a Celestron model to suit your requirements as well as your budget. It is a popular series of telescopes, and there is a terrific selection of NexStar devices to choose from on eBay, including new and used models.

How are Celestron NexStar telescopes different from other Celestron telescopes?

The main difference is that the telescopes from the NexStar series are all computerised. Thanks to NexStar's 'SkyAlign' and automated 'GoTo' functionalities, it makes the perennial problem of locating what you actually want to look at through a telescope a great deal easier. These advanced features enable you to easily align your telescope with your desired view of the night sky. In addition, with the help of a huge onboard database, you can locate and track thousands of celestial objects, including planets and moons in the Solar System, as well as stars, nebulae, and galaxies in deep space.

Are NexStar telescopes easily transportable?

Yes. The tripod bases are collapsible and foldable, which allow you to easily disassemble and pack away individual components, as well as transport devices to new locations and quickly reassemble them.

What types of telescopes do the NexStar series comprise?

The NexStar series comprises a range of computerised Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes in three subseries:

  • NexStar SLT series: These telescopes are popular and affordable entry-level models. The SLT telescopes include an onboard database which contains 10,000 night-sky objects.
  • NextStar SE series: This series comprises a range of telescopes designed with sturdier builds and greater imaging power. The onboard database of Celestron's SE telescopes contains 40,000 objects.
  • NexStar Evolution series (EVO): The EVO series comprises a range of powerful telescopes with high-specifications that are designed for serious observers of the night sky. They feature an onboard database with 100,000 objects, Wi-Fi capability, as well as Android and iOS compatibility.
What are the power requirements of NexStar telescopes?

Telescopes in both the NexStar SLT and SE series are powered by AA batteries. Telescopes in the EVO series have built-in internal batteries that can be recharged.

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