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Use a Gas on Glass Hob for Cooking Delicious Meals

A gas on glass hob provides precision heat and control as well as the ability to cook stir-fry and other Asian cuisine that requires a wok burner. You can find many affordable gas on glass hobs on eBay that can suit different needs in the kitchen.

How many burners do gas on glass hobs have?

Gas on glass hobs are available in varieties of one to five burners. Hobs with one or two burners are usually called domino gas hobs. You can use them in kitchenettes or for adding extra burners to an existing hob. If you cook for your family or you like to cook intricate meals, you'll want a hob with four to five burners. Some options available in gas on glass hobs available on eBay are the Rangemaster built-in 73 cm 5-burners gas hob, Sandstrom LPG convertible 70 cm 5-burner gas hob, and the Fisher & Paykel LPG 90 cm gas hob.

What types of burners do ceramic glass hobs have?

Most gas on glass hobs come with different types of burners, which matter based on what you're cooking. Some of the types of burners these hobs might have include wok, economy, semi-rapid, and rapid. A wok burner has a high power output of around 12,000 BTU/h. The flames spread widely in this type of burner. Wok burners are frequently used in Asian cooking and for searing meat at high temperatures. You can also use the wok burner for cooking in large pans.

When you don't want a liquid to boil or you just need to keep sauce or food warm, you should use the economy burner because it is smaller and has a lower power output. Semi-rapid burners fall somewhere between wok and economy burners. They have medium power output and can be used for boiling water and cooking a lot of everday food. A rapid burner has high power output and can also be used for cooking many types of meals. Only use the wok burner when you need to stir-fry, sear meat, or use any other cooking method that calls for the wok burner.

What are common features of gas on glass hobs?

Common features of gas glass hobs are:

  • Automatic ignition: A gas hob with this feature automatically turns on when you turn the knob.
  • Flame-failure device: Many gas glass hobs are equipped with a flame-failure device that will prevent gas from going to the burner when the flame has been extinguished or a pot of water has overboiled onto the burner.
  • LPG: If a gas hob is labelled as LPG, that means that you can use a conversion kit on it to run the hob on LPG gas.
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