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Chainsaw Chain Sharpeners

Chainsaw sharpeners are used to keep the chains on your chainsaw sharp. This can be done yourself with the help of round files, flat files and a file guide or using a rotary sharpener.

There are many different brands available, including:

Most brands offer full sets of sharpening tools, including round files, file guides, flat files as well as a cleaner and other accessories. You can also purchase the files individually for exactly what you need.

Types of file

  • Round file - The round file is available in a variety of diameters to match your chain; common diameters can include 5/32, 3/16 and 7/32. Your chainsaw’s diameter requirements can be found in the operating manual or by using the chain identification number found on the drive link
  • File guide - The file guide is used in tandem with the round file, by holding it in place at a uniform depth while you sharpen each individual cutter. This ensures that all cutters are filed at the same depth
  • Flat file - A flat file is used in conjunction with the file guide, as it is designed to file down and reset the depth gauges when necessary. If the depth gauges protrude over the file guide when you are sharpening, then you can use the flat file to file it down, ensuring that all of the depth gauges remain equal
  • Rotary sharpeners - Rotary sharpeners are available as an alternative to manual chain sharpening. They feature a rotary wheel, which is usually available in several diameters, and a screw-on guide to control the tool

Why should I sharpen my chain?

Sharpening on a regular basis ensures that your chainsaw is safer to use. It also prevents your equipment from unnecessary wear and tear. You can usually tell when your chainsaw needs to be sharpened by the presence of dust instead of chips whilst using your chainsaw.

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