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Chargers and Docks for iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS is the second iPhone created by Apple. It is compatible with Apple's 5W USB power adapter, which is included with the phone when first bought and may also be purchased separately. These power adapters come in the standard or folding pin variant, the second being perfect for travel. Other brands such as Belkin and Orico also make power adapters that are compatible with the iPhone 3GS.

The cable for an Apple iPhone 3GS has the standard T-shape connector, which is unique to older Apple designs. It is attached to a laptop or power adapter via USB to charge. It is also possible to purchase power banks that can be charged separately and used to power your phone throughout the day as and when you need to by using the charging cable.

iPhone 3GS car chargers are also handy for those who frequently drive and commute. They simply plug into the cigarette lighter ports found inside most cars. The charging cable of your phone can then be plugged in by its USB connection and it is then able to power your iPhone 3G. Many car chargers feature two USB ports to allow for two connections at once.

Docking stations are ideal for home use as your phone can still be used whilst it is connected. The iPhone 3GS would use a model specific docking station, as the connector is unique to the model, so ensure you choose a dock that is compatible with your phone.

Some mobile phone docks are used only for charging, but others double as an audio system allowing you to play music and videos from your phone through its speakers. Others also feature built in radios and alarm clocks, making them a great addition to your home. Several docking stations can be controlled remotely, allowing you to scroll through songs and change your settings seamlessly.

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