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Charging Kit for Sony Cameras

If the charging kit for your Sony camera has been lost or damaged then you'll need to replace it. You will find a wide range of charging kits for all types of Sony cameras. You'll need to make sure that the charging kit that you buy is compatible with your camera and you should be able to find this information in your manual.

If you cannot find the battery information you may to contact Sony, or find a manual for your camera online before buying your new charging kit, otherwise you may cause damage to the internal circuits, rendering your camera unusable.

In the first instance you should buy a new charging kit if possible, as this will ensure the life and effectiveness of the charger. Most Sony charging kits will plug into a standard UK wall plug, however should you require a USB charging kit, these are also available for various camera models. Some USB camera charging kits are also supplied with an in-car charger , so you can charge your Sony camera even when you are on the move, which is ideal for day trips or weekends away.

There are universal charging kits available, however you should be careful to ensure that these are suitable for your Sony camera as using the incorrect charger may cause damage. Some kits also include a spare battery for your camera so that you can take photos all day without having the need to charge your battery.

Dual charging kits are especially useful if you have more than one Sony camera, or if you expect to be away from a power outlet for an extended period of time. These allow you to charge two camera batteries at once.

Most charging kits are quite small in design and will fit into your camera case or bag making them ideal to take on holiday, or for a long walk without adding too much additional weight, so you won't even know it's there.

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