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Charging Mat for Samsung Galaxy S6 Mobile Phones

Getting a charging mat for a Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone is a great charging option that takes away the fiddling about with cables. It basically does what it says on the tin, you simply lay your device on the charging mat and it charges your phone.

How it works

Samsung charging mats use two copper coils of wire, one in the charging mat and one in the phone. An alternating current passes through the coil in the charger and this generates an electromagnetic field which fluctuates. When the coil in the S6 is placed within this field a current is induced in it, which then charges the battery. This is sometimes known as inductive charging.

Not all smartphones have this capability, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 does. One of the drawbacks of wireless charging is that it is less energy efficient than wired charging because of the amount of heat generated. This means that it takes longer to charge the phone, but is ideal for overnight charging.

Some charging mats can be connected to your computer via USB and generate electricity from there. These are great for charging your phone in the office or whilst surfing the web. The mats tend to be small and slim, saving on space and blending in with the environment around it. Either as a black disk, or an aesthetically pleasing, clear disk with optional LED lighting it will also look good wherever you put it.

The Qi fast charge charging mat for the Galaxy S6 is designed to speed up the process. It is very thin, lightweight and portable and can be used to charge your phone anywhere. Available in black or white, the Qi fast charging mat provides short-circuit protection for the receiver in order to avoid over charging and overheating. Charging on the go is very much appreciated by those who like to catch up on their emails or the news whilst commuting.

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