Cherished Numbers

Personalise your vehicle with cherished numbers

Drive in style with a personalised cherished number plate. A cherished number plate is a personalised plate that allows you to replace your usual reg with a name or something special. Cherished numbers are also known as personalised plates, private plates, or cherished registrations. Here on eBay, you can find a wide selection of cherished numbers including standard dated plates as well as dateless vehicle number plates so you can add a personal touch to your vehicle

Loved ones

Celebrate a special birthday or occasion with the gift of a personalised cherished plate. Your message could say something special like their name, or job title. Remember that plates are unique and so you may have to be creative in finding the name you want. For example, James could be written as J4ME5, or Jenny J4NNY. 

Celebrate your vehicle

If you own a swanky set of wheels you may want to celebrate by purchasing a unique JA62AUR plate or something similar. There are hundreds of letter and number variations so you can get creative. Cheer on your team. 

Choose from hundreds of sports and football related plates and support your team with a plate such as AR5EN4L, G00N3R, or M4N UNIT3D. 

Registering your Plate

Once you have purchased your plate you need to register it with the DVLA. Upon purchase, you should receive both the plate and the certificate of entitlement known as a V750. You must then apply to the DVLA to assign the registration of the number to your vehicle. You must not display the plate on the vehicle until you receive confirmation from the DVLA in the form of a registration certificate VS5 in the new registration number. 

Fun Plates

Not all plates are genuine and some make for nice gifts as wall hangings or reminders of your first or favourite car.