Christmas Crackers

Cracking Christmas crackers

A staple part of any Christmas table for generations, Christmas crackers symbolise a fun festive season with the people you love. Whether you enjoy creating the perfect day for a large family crowd or you prefer something a little more relaxed and intimate, youre sure to find all the Christmas decorations you could ever need right here on eBay. 

Make your own Christmas crackers

Great for keeping the kids (and adults) busy at the start of the Christmas school holidays, make your own Christmas crackers come as a complete kit which you make up at home. With both novelty childrens ones available as well as more luxurious designs for adults, theres something for everyone. Take for example the 6 pack of Elf Christmas crackers. Complete with their cheeky bold design, inside you can add a snap, motto, paper hat and a small fashion accessory such as a hair clip or toy. 

Luxury Christmas crackers

If youre looking for Christmas crackers that are a bit more indulgent, then look no further. Luxury crackers come in a variety of eye-catching colours, shapes and pack sizes, and are likely to contain prizes which are a little more opulent than the ones you may find on the high street. Great for couples and families alike. 

Family Christmas crackers

Available in a range of designs from cute and funny to elegant and traditional, family crackers come in a variety of pack sizes, usually from 6 to 18. Inside youll find a paper hat, joke and gift which is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. You can even match the colour of your chosen crackers to your tablecloth or crockery for a matching festive celebration. 

Kids Christmas crackers are also available, featuring their favourite superheroes and film characters like The Avengers or Minions. Or, bulk buy over 100 with catering Christmas crackers, perfect for those hosting a festive event or meal.