Cool and quirky circus and fairground memorabilia

Relive all the fun of the fair by adding some circus and fairground memorabilia to your collection. From small decorations like posters and flyers to larger fairground ride parts and accessories, you're sure to find a piece of collectable memorabillia for your collection here on eBay. 

Flyers, posters and programmes

Add some classic circus or fairground artwork to your collection with an ex-display flyer or circus poster. These colourful items often contain pictures of the famous acts and performers at each fair and are sure to make eye-catching decorations wherever they are used. 

If you're interested in fairground or circus history, a vintage programme from one of the shows is sure to interest you. Flip through to see which acts were performing at the time, and impress your friends with this unique snapshot of the past. Look out for programmes and posters from famous circuses such as Zippo's Circus, Barnum, Bailey Circus or even the Moscow State Circus. 

Circus and fairground signs

Bring a piece of collectable circus memorabilia to your home decor with an old fairground sign to use as a wall decoration. Look out for wooden or metal signs painted in bright colours to catch the eye. Choose one that advertises your favourite fairground ride, such as the Waltzers or the Dodgems. Or, go for something more mysterious like a "Freak Show" sign. 

Fairground attractions and accessories

For an amazing new centrepiece for your collection, check out the range of ex-fairground attraction pieces. For something instantly recognisable, go for a beautifully painted Carousel horse or even an old Dodgem car to take your collection to the next level. 

You might even find entire fairground attractions on offer, such as the classic strength testers or throwing games, so you can test your friends and family from the comfort of your own home.