Use a Clear Phone Case to Protect Your Device and Express Your Personality

When you're shopping for clear phone cases, eBay is a great place to browse. Easily narrow your search by brand, model and style to ensure you find a case that fits on the first try. Express your personality with photos or stickers, and save your phone from unwanted bumps, drops and accidents without hiding its inner style.

How do you ensure a good fit with a clear phone case?

You've already decided you want a clear mobile phone case, but not every case will fit your phone. Here are some things to research, which will influence the size of case you need.

  • Proper Brand: Is your phone a Samsung, Apple, Spigen, Huawei, or another brand? Each brand makes phones with slightly different dimensions, so check the manufacturer’s site for details before purchase.
  • Exact Model: What is your phone's name, number, or edition? Sometimes brands keep their phones the same size, but sometimes they offer different models with bigger screens or thinner batteries.
  • Case Thickness: Once you've fitted your case to your phone, you can also consider how well the case will fit into your life. Do you want a slim case that fits easily in your pocket, or a robust case that offers more protection?
Can you put a picture in a clear phone case?

Yes. Once you purchase a clear phone case, putting a picture inside is simple. Select your desired image, print it out, trim to the appropriate size, and place the image between the back of your phone and the inner face of the case. You can glue or tape the image in place, but the image will still be secure without adhesive. And if you don't glue your picture it will be easier to update or alternate to suit your mood. Investing in a high-resolution print from a professional printer can help the finished product look better, but any print will work.

Decorate a clear phone case with stickers

The great thing about clear phone cases is that you can dress them up a bunch of different ways and make them your own. You can put stickers on any phone case, but with a clear phone cover and transparent stickers, you can decorate the inside of your case and the stickers will last longer because they won't be exposed to the elements quite so much.

Multiple phone cases for multiple occasions

Many people are attracted to 99p phone cases because they're so inexpensive you can afford to buy a bunch. Decorate one cheap clear phone case for fun nights with friends, and keep another simple for a professional office look.