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To Coin a Phrase

Protect your investment on eBay by stocking up on coin collecting supplies such as coin holders to keep your pieces in perfect condition and to avoid being damaged. A coin album and a coin collecting book are useful additions to document the antique bargains you find and keep track of what you purchase, especially if you buy your coins in bulk.

Bargain Gold - Collector's Piece

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Two Side of the Same Coin

Becoming a seller or dealer on eBay is just as important as being a buyer when it comes to rare coins. Make the most of the worldwide shipping, auction off your rare pieces, and get your value for money using the right resources. Sell, and earn it back with interest so that you can enhance your collection even more. Use the Sheldon Coin Measuring Scale to determine the metal worth of your piece, as well as the Universal Rarity Scale, so that when you sell your coins, you can estimate what should be your maximum and minimum price at face value. And, of course, with your seller knowledge, you can also then distinguish between the fake coins and those rare finds when you're a buyer.

Banknote Collecting

Banknotes aren't just paper money, look closer, and you might be fascinated by the amount of information they contain. All notes have specific qualities, depending on issue date and country or origin. Consider the type of the note. For example, a high-grade UNC specimen would be of interest to investors as well.