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Cokin Camera Lens Filters

Conkin are known for producing a range of premium photography equipment and accessories for digital SLR cameras . This equipment includes tripods and Conkin camera lens filters. Conkin lens filters are available in a variety of different types depending on the ways in which you need to modify the image you are capturing.

Features and benefits of Conkin lens filters

All Conkin's filters are treated with their innovative Everclear 5 coating. This coating is designed to protect your delicate lens filter from potential risks such as being exposed to rain and spillages, as well as coming into contact with oil and gathering dust. Furthermore, this coating is also scratch resistant, which is a common everyday risk that may occur from storing your lens filter with other items or simply dropping it.

Conkin's range of Pure Harmonie filters are ultra thin filters with just 3.3mm of thickness. This makes them especially lightweight to the point that their weight is almost imperceptible. They are convenient to use withyour camera without feeling any additional bulk or weight.

Types of Conkin camera lens filters

Conkin neutral density (ND) filters are designed to modify the intensity of colours and light, so as to reduce how much light enters the camera lens. This, in turn, prevents the purity of the colour from being affected. This type of lens gives the photographer the advantage of being able to adjust the sensor sensitivity, aperture and exposure time that may give rise to pictures that are overexposed. Conkin's neutral density filter mean that you can reduce the shutter speed, so as to create a sense of motion in your short, for example, when photographing a waterfall.

The circular polariser filter is ideal for when you need to deal with reflections and glare, for example reflections in water or glare in windows. They help to minimise these elements which are common everyday occurrences whether photographing indoors or outdoors. This filter can also enhance photographs being taken on especially bright and sunny days by eliminating the polarising effect of light, which helps the elements in the photograph contrast better with the light level in the scene.

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