Collarless Grandad Shirts

A Collarless Grandad Shirt - A Shirt for All Occasions

Collarless grandad shirts have undergone many transformations since they used to be a functional part of every working mans wardrobe. They gained iconic status during the hippie movement in the 60s. The fact that they didnt have to be worn with a tie reflected an era when dress codes were challenged. Since then, these shirts have become much more versatile. Whether you want to go casual or dress up more formally, your collarless grandad shirt is suitable for all occasions and all seasons. eBay has such a wide range that youll be sure to find exactly what you need - whatever your tastes and whatever your budget.

How can you narrow down your choice of collarless grandad shirt?

Before choosing a shirt, think about the following factors:

  • Type: Henley, vintage, and kurta shirts are just some of the styles available on eBay.
  • Manufacturer: Choose between branded and non-branded shirts, both new and used.
  • Size: Shirts might be sized S-2XL, or consult the manufacturers sizing chart for chest/length/sleeve measurements.
  • Colour: Grandad shirts come in a wide variety of colours as well as patterns, including striped and patchwork.
  • Material: Although commonly made of cotton/cotton blends, collarless grandad shirts might also be made of polyester blend, linen, or hemp.
  • Sleeves: Choose a long- or short-sleeved shirt, or compromise with a long-sleeved shirt that has tabs to roll the sleeves up.
How tight-fitting should a collarless grandad shirt be?

Whether to wear a slim fit or baggier shirt is a question of personal taste and depends on the style of shirt you buy. Henley shirts are intended to have a close fit. To achieve this, the seam of the sleeve should reach the beginning of your shoulder. However, a kurta shirt is intended to have a roomier fit. Some resemble a smock (in width) or a tunic (in length).

How can you style your collarless grandad shirt?

The buttons of a grandad shirt can be fastened to the top, or you can leave the first few buttons open for a more casual look. This is especially true of the buttons in the placket of a Henley shirt. All grandad shirts can be worn alone or with extra layering in winter, such as underneath a pullover. The separates that are worn with the shirt also dictate the formality of your outfit. Worn with jeans, casual trousers, khakis, and shorts, you can achieve a smart/casual look. However, it can be dressed up by teaming it with smart trousers and a blazer.