Colourful collectable advertising signs

Add something new to your collection with a collectable advertising sign. Browse loads of great options, from vintage advertising signs to collectable sign reproductions from your favourite automotive brands, and find the perfect addition to your home. 

Vintage advertising signs

If you're looking for an advertising collectable with a little bit of history, look out for vintage signs advertising different popular products. You'll find lots of different signs from different brands advertising a range of recognisable products from times gone by, so you can be sure to find the perfect sign for your collection. 

For those with a sweet tooth, check out signs for chocolate or sweets, such as a vintage Fry's Chocolate Cream sign or a Wall's Ice Cream sign to display in your home. Or, if you're a tea lover, you could pick up a vintage Lyons Tea sign to show off your love of a good brew. You could even go for something classic with a vintage Coca-Cola advertising collectable, which would make a great centrepiece to any collection. 

Look out for vintage signs made of metal with colourful enamel details, or a smaller sign made of embossed metal, for a piece of advertising memorabilia that's sure to stand the test of time. 

Vehicle advertising signs

The perfect addition to any vehicle enthusiast's collection, a car advertising sign would be an ideal find. Look out for advertising signs from top car manufacturers such as Jaguar, Renault or Ford, as well as other brands like Michelin or Shell. 

Neon advertising signs

For something with maximum impact, try a neon light sign for your collection. Choose from illuminated bar signs featuring words such as "Rock and Roll" or "Live Music", or those advertising your favourite beer. You'll also find signs advertising "Hair and Nails" or "Beauty Parlour" in bright neon writing. 

You could even look out for the iconic "Cocktails and Dreams" neon advertising sign from the cult classic film, and bring a touch of 1980s memorabilia to your collection.