Collectable Beer Bottles

Interesting for the story they tell and the liquid they once held, collectable beer bottles are highly sought after.

An old beer bottle can hold specific historical importance for the collector, while the brewer, brand or label can also be significant. A bottle can also be highly collectable if it was a limited edition, or made to commemorate a particular event. Many bottles are sold by sellers who have dug them up, while others are sold on by collectors and some are unopened and still hold beer.

Look for antique beer bottles, find commemorative special editions and check out bottles which hold interest for their distinctive labels.

Collectors interested in antique beer bottles should search for hand blown bottles or stoneware, which were popular in the Victorian and Edwardian periods and glass bottles which are embossed, often with the name and address of the brewer. The colour of the glass can also hold interest for a collector as vintage beer bottles can be found in clear glass, amber, green, brown, blue and black.

A collector can also find commemorative bottles to add to their collection, which can be found still filled with beer. Special edition beer bottles have been manufactured to mark a variety of important events in the UK such as Royal Jubilees and weddings, as well as to commemorate a special anniversary for the brewery or brand. Limited edition beer bottles can also be made for Christmas and to mark special sporting events.

Beer bottles also hold interest for their label and collectors can keep an eye out for labels which display the age of the bottle, are of a discontinued design, contain some historical information, or have an artistic value.

With an ever-changing and extensive collection of beer bottles available from across the eras, you are sure to find the perfect one to complete your collection.