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Enjoy Collectable Blue Peter Badges

This trusty badge awarded by the Blue Peter children’s show you grew up with can now be yours. These ship badges represent your willingness to go out on new ventures and voyages throughout life. Collect any one of the varieties of new or preowned coveted Blue Peter badges available for sale on eBay.

Blue Peter badges of different colours

Blue Peter badges come in a variety of colours that represent an award for outstanding acts or abilities in different categories. Several colours are available; here are just a few examples of certain badge colours and what they represent:

  • Green Blue Peter badge – This badge is awarded for service on behalf of nature, the environment, or conservation.
  • Purple badge – Writing insightful reviews and recommendations for the Blue Peter show might give a child the chance to win this honour.
  • Orange badge – A child earns this by entering and winning or placing in a Blue Peter competition, never an easy feat.
  • Silver badge – Only recipients who already hold a Blue Peter badge are eligible for this award. They must demonstrate special talents or service that puts them above the other regular badge holders.
  • Gold Blue Peter badge – Only a few gold badges are issued each year. Outstanding achievements, extraordinary ability, or saving another’s life single-handed qualify one for the gold award.
What does a Blue Peter badge reward represent?

Blue Peter is the BBC’s children’s show that encourages upright, capable, and quick-witted children as well as special guests. Sitting passively with folded hands does not earn one the exclusive, ship-shaped Blue Peter badge. Exceptional children doing extraordinary acts earn this sought-after honour.

The gold Peter Badge is awarded yearly to a handful of brave, inspirational adults and children who’ve demonstrated exceptional citizenship or outstanding achievements. Additionally, children aged 6 to 15 can apply for lesser varieties of Blue Peter badges by demonstrating their achievements and abilities deemed worthy of a Blue Peter badge award.

Depending on the Blue Peter badge type, the owner gets free admission to over 200 attractions around Great Britain. These include zoos, theme parks, castles, historic attractions, and other desirable places.

Are any special features available with affordable Blue Peter badges?

There are several new and preowned Blue Peter badge variations and features available. These are a few you might find:

  • Blue Peter tin badge – A sturdy collectable badge
  • Plastic badges – Cheap Blue Peter badges
  • Enamel badges – A vintage Blue Peter badge
  • Badges in original wrappers
  • Badges with letters – Hard to find, this badge is a collectable Blue Peter
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