Collectable Crystals

Bohemian collectible crystals

Add the final touches to your room whilst creating a sense of calm with collectible crystals. Available in a range of forms, colours and sizes, youre sure to find the ideal crystal for use at home. 

Crystal balls

Adding an interesting touch of mystery to any room, a crystal ball is a perfect centrepiece for your cabinets or mantlepiece. Made from a free-standing crystal sphere, a top wooden section with a felt pad and a bottom wooden stand, this ball is perfect for creating interesting shots for photography or illustrations. 

Some people swear to the healing power of a pure crystal ball, making it an essential item for those with a mystic nature. Choose from smaller or larger sizes to suit your home. 


A selenite crystal in its raw, uncut form in the shape of a tower is perfect for adding to your crystal collection. Standing upright on its own, this visually striking white crystal is said to promote positive feelings in line with the crown chakra. 

Choose a set of tumbled gemstones to start of your healing and Reiki crystal collection. With smoothed edges for a gentle look and feel, these crystals feature striking natural designs with different colours and details found in each. 

A classic crystal thats a must-have for any collector, a piece of amethyst offers a beautiful purple tone. Choose a crystal with the original stone outer layer attached for a piece that sits well on its own. 

Grade A agate sliced crystals work well on any table in your home. These flat and thin pre-cut crystals offer an insight into the centre of the stone whilst preserving the outer layer. These can be used for stands on your dresser or even as coasters to protect your wooden tables. 

A thin selenite column attached to silver tone necklace is the perfect way to carry around your favourite type of crystal on the go.