Collectable Fire Brigade Memorabilia

Collectable Fire Brigade memorabilia

Show off your interest in the Fire Brigade with something from this range of collectable Fire Brigade memorabilia. In this selection, youll find a wide variety of collectable memorabilia, from vintage Fire Brigade badges to standard-issue collectable Fire Brigade clothing, so you can be sure to find the perfect new piece to add to your collection.

Fire Brigade badges, patches and buttons

If youre looking for a small piece of collectable Fire Brigade memorabilia that you could wear as well as have on display, look out for collectable Fire Brigade badges and patches as well as Fire Brigade buttons from old uniforms.

Go for vintage metal Fire Brigade badges from all sorts of eras, like a metal cap badge from the 1940s or even a service medal from the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Or, choose an iron or sew-on Fire Brigade fabric patch that commemorates dedicated service. As well as British Fire Brigade memorabilia, you might also find collectables from further afield, such as Ireland or even the United States.

Fire Brigade clothing

For something larger, look out for collectable Fire Brigade clothing. Pick up a pair of Fire Brigade braced trousers to own a piece of the official Fire Brigade uniform, or go for T-shirts bearing the Fire Brigade insignia for something more off-duty.

You could even look out for wearable Fire Brigade accessories such as knitted hats or even Fire Brigade helmets. Look out for replica Fire Brigade helmets to add to your collection, or even search for a vintage helmet for a really unique piece to display.

Fire Brigade equipment

There are also lots of great examples of Fire Brigade equipment that you could add to your collection. From vintage fire extinguishers to standard-issue vintage water buckets, youre sure to find the great piece of collectable Fire Brigade memorabilia that your collection has been missing.