Collectable Leatherworking Tools

Leatherworking is an ancient craft, which nowadays is more often done by machines. Many high end shoe brands still employ artisans who work by hand to create more individual pieces and there are smaller scale cobblers who provide an increasingly unique service. Whether you're an amateur cobbler or a professional, a wide range of collectable leatherworking tools are available to help you do the best job possible.

Types of leatherworking tools

Even though there are many tools available to work specifically with leather, many are not dissimilar from the average contents of a toolbox, such as adjustable wrenches , pliers. cutters, hammers and punches. However, acquiring a good range of tools is really important for a cobbler so that you can expand your skills and work on a greater variety of projects. Many leatherworking tools can be adjusted to suit different users or to create different effects.

Vintage tools

They don't make them like they used to. Many of the tools available are vintage so they have a wealth of history attached to them that can live on with the work you do. Older tools are often made from the highest quality beech wood and cast iron so they're sure to continue to do good work for you. When buying vintage tools make sure they are free from rust and in full working order.

Sets of tools

Leatherworking tools often become available as sets when someone retires or changes profession. If you're just starting up, this is a great way to get everything you need in one go. Certain tools are in sets because you will need different sizes. Leathercraft punches for example have a range of gauges so that you can create holes of different sizes. Some tool sets have as many as 18 pieces and are ideal if you are a beginner to the craft as they include everything you need to get started and experiment while learning new skills.