Collectable Pens & Writing Equipment

Collectable Pens and Writing Equipment

Handwritten letters were always a great way to communicate, however in the age of email, text messages and social media, its rarely the done thing. Those who still enjoy writing with something more than a Bic; collectable pens and writing equipment will offer you a range of choices. From antique fountain pens to classy and sophisticated ballpoint pens youll find something thatll allow you to write neatly and comfortably.

Retro feel, modern use

Stunning vintage designs are available, such as the classic parker pen, Waterman fountain and ballpoint pens, or the marvellous Montblanc writing implements that evoke times gone by. If well maintained, these pens allow your calligraphy to flourish. Leather pen cases might sound like a strange thing today, but they are a stylish way to keep from losing your collectable pens and, should you have one, they are perfect for keeping your writing desk clean.

Everyone likes the clacking sound of typewriter keys and some find writing on a typewriter to be very therapeutic and fun. These vintage machines have a rustic sense of charm and are favoured by hipster types all round. Some companies are still producing typewriters today, but a well aged machine in good working order makes for a great collectors item, even if it is just for ornamental use.

Fashion collectors favourite

One of the best things about collecting classic writing equipment is the portability and aesthetic of the objects. Youll set yourself apart if you pull out a Watermans fountain pen during your meeting to take notes. Theres plenty of choice for all tastes and writing styles and these items make ideal and special gifts. Presentation cases in a variety of luxurious materials seals the deal.

Of course with all these pens and typewriters youll need to keep well stocked with ink, ink cartridges, ink ribbons and other such paraphernalia. Bring the passion and the class back into your written communications.