Collectable Sewing Patterns

Collectable Sewing Patterns

Using a vintage sewing pattern, classic techniques and the right fabrics, you can produce a garment that might look exactly as they would have done in times gone by. A collectable sewing pattern is like a message from the past. Whether you want to sew your own clothing, clothing for dolls or a soft toy for a child, collectible sewing patterns will give a unique look.

Retro feel, modern twist

Stunning vintage designs are available in many colours and sizes, giving your creations a classic or retro feel whilst maintaining fresh modernity if you use modern fabrics. You get all the advantage of a new garment combined with a rare and refined vintage feel.

There are patterns available from many decades, allowing you to add a splash of 60s chic to your wardrobe, make a statement with vivid colours 1970s or recreate the simple lines and elegance of post war fashion.

Womens jackets , trousers, miniskirts, dresses and vogue wear or mens jackets, waistcoats and trousers, theres a pattern help you get the garment youre after.

Other patterns

Those sewing as a hobby, but without the time to create full sized dresses and jumpers opt for making clothes for dolls, which they can then give to the children in their lives. The range of patterns and styles is as varied as the patterns available for full sized human use. Little jackets, shirts and coats to name a few. As well as clothes, there are also designs for dolls house furniture for the avid collector in your life.

As well as this, sewing patterns for the outer layers of soft toys are popular options. These are available in a number of different shapes, like dinosaurs, traditional teddies, various animals and more. Whatever you want to sew, youll find a helpful pattern from somewhere throughout the last five decades or so.