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People collect almost anything you can think of, from ancient Roman coins to Batman comic books. Their reasons for collecting are just as varied, but often involve a personal interest in the subject or a sense of nostalgia. Not all collectors are motivated by emotion, though–a sizeable portion views items as investments and hopes they'll appreciate in value over time. Regardless of your reason for collecting, eBay is an unparalleled marketplace for finding just what you're looking to buy. Our worldwide reach makes it easy to connect with other passionate collectors selling rare, desirable items at competitive prices.

What Types of Collectables are on eBay?

Many people are amazed at the variety of items they can find on our site, like:

  • Trading card games: Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and countless other themes have gained worldwide popularity. Persistent interest has made certain cards extremely valuable, but many people just enjoy building out their own decks.
  • Model trains: Almost everyone has a memory of seeing an impressive train set complete with miniature buildings, bridges, and mountains. Some people are inspired to start collecting locomotives, boxcars, and cabooses themselves, transforming their basements or spare rooms into ornate homages to the railway. eBay is a great place to look for new and used model trains of any gauge from brands like Hornby, Bachmann, or LIMA.
  • Coins: Someone who collects money is known as a numismatist, and the hobby covers coins, banknotes, and other forms of currency. A collector's interest may centre on money from other countries or eras. You don't have to spend a lot to get started collecting coins since many interesting items are fairly common and affordable. Established collectors may move into rare, expensive coins once they've committed to the hobby.
  • Sports memorabilia: Whether your interests tend towards football, rugby, motorsports, or the Olympic Games, eBay can help you show off your colours. We have jerseys, caps, autographs from your favourite players, ticket stubs, mugs, and more. Sports collectables also make great gifts for the fans in your life. This is a huge category that runs the gamut from affordable apparel or trading cards to game-used balls. Devoted collectors might focus on one sport, team, athlete, or specific item, and eBay is a trusted resource for many.
  • Art: Collecting paintings, sculptures, drawings, or other media can be an incredibly rewarding hobby. Enthusiasts might build a collection around an artist, style, era, or subject. Other interests often influence preferences and result in an assemblage of items as unique as the collector. While the idea of collecting works of art might bring to mind bidding wars over a Picasso, Monet, or even Banksy, you can purchase items that appeal to you without spending a fortune right here on eBay.
  • Stamps: A stamp collection is about more than postage. These small pieces of paper often commemorate historic events, important personalities, popular locations, or wonders of the natural world. This means philatelists (stamp collectors) often purchase stamps that reflect an appreciation for those topics in addition to postage designs. With new stamps being released all the time, there's no shortage of items to add to your collection.
  • Transportation items: Trains, planes, ships, and more–if it moves, there's a community of collectors out there. You'll find things like photos, models, keychains, and pillowcases with a transportation theme. This is another expansive category where interests can focus on a type of vehicle, time period, or even specific historical event.
  • Sci-fi collectables: Sci-fi ephemera is fun to collect and show off. Many of the most recognisable film and television characters fall under this theme, so items can even serve as conversation pieces (who wouldn't notice a Dalek on your desk?). Devoted Whovians, Trekkers, and fans of other franchises will find their passion reflected in the diversity of items for sale on eBay, like models, autographs, posters, and action figures.
  • Film memorabilia: Movie posters, props, promotional and celebrity photographs, and other collectable items let film fans celebrate their favourite movies. Regardless of whether you prefer classics, high-concept films, or Hollywood blockbusters, sellers can help you build an enviable collection.
  • Decorative items: Home décor and household items can be very collectable, with things like clocks, figurines, and boxes or jars attracting lots of attention. This interest can overlap with antiquing, with buyers looking to find rare pieces to add to their collections.
  • Militaria: Military collectables have a historic and often personal appeal for many people. Perhaps you or a family member enlisted and this sparked a lifelong interest. Maybe you're simply a history buff. Whatever the case, you'll find uniforms, medals, military gear, and themed décor on eBay.
  • Comic books: With the popularity of superhero movies it's no surprise that people collect the comics where many first came to life. Batman's debut in Detective Comics #27 has catapulted that issue to an almost legendary status. While you may not be in the market for Action Comics #1, Superman's first appearance, you can still build an impressive collection. As with most collectables, condition, rarity, and subject influence price. A willingness to compromise on some or all of these factors means you should be able to find desirable comics at affordable prices if you're just getting started.

The World's Greatest Antique Store

Many people are passionate about collecting antiques, often defined as objects that are at least 100 years old. Furniture may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of antiques, but it's a broad category that includes collectors with varied interests. Aside from desks, chests, tables, or chairs, you can find antique maps or globes, books, and clocks. Some collectors concentrate on a period of time and design rooms that maintain that theme, while others just can't get enough of a given item. There are thousands of antiques listed on eBay, making it an incredible resource to start or improve your collection.

How to Shop for Collectables on eBay

There are countless collectables for sale here, so a major part of a successful hunt is narrowing down what you're looking to buy. Once you've located an item of interest, pay close attention to the details provided by the seller. Photos, descriptions of the item's condition, and other information can help you decide whether to make a purchase. In the case of rare collectables and autographs you might ask for a certificate of authenticity (COA). Sellers can offer products at a set price or hold auctions where you enter a bid. There are merits to both approaches and either can result in buyers saving money over going through traditional retailers. Many collectors rely on eBay to find truly unique items, and we work hard to retain our reputation as a trusted resource.