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Combination Padlocks

Combination padlocks are a cost-effective and easy way to secure your possessions around the home, in the garden or on business premises. With no keys required, these types of padlock are useful if they need to be used by more than one person and are great for locking up bike chains, toolboxes, luggage and lockers.

What to Consider

Combination padlocks come in a range of sizes and usually fall somewhere between 20mm and 70mm wide. A big, bulky combination padlock might be more sturdy, but unless it fits where you want it to go then it will be of little use. The real advantage of a combination padlock is that there is no key to look after, instead, these types of padlocks are secured by a 3-digit or 4-digit number combination that can be set by you. This means that there are thousands of number combinations to choose from, enabling them to be high-security contenders in keeping sheds, doors, cabinets or lockers secure.

Types of Combination Padlock

Combination padlocks have large, front-facing dials, which are easy to read. Setting the combination is very straightforward and once done, the combination is almost impossible to crack and cannot be removed by human force. Trusted brands include the multifunctional Oria, Kungix and Ankier designs which are weather-proof and anti-rust as well as being lightweight in feel. With a hardened steel shackle, Squire's CP50 is built to last and has a push button to spring open.

More sturdier and heavier duty is the Excell 70mm padlock with a shrouded shackle to prevent it being cut open. Some combination padlocks come with long shackles, ideal for sheds and gates like the Blackspur BB-PD202.

TSA combination padlocks including the Asec luggage padlock are designed to conform to American stringent requirements, allowing customs to access your luggage while keeping it secure as you travel.

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