Transport Valuable Cargo Safely with Commercial Vehicle Trailers

To safely transport horses, furniture, or pontoons, select commercial vehicle trailers from eBay. The available options ensure that farm animals and other live cargo will be comfortable during the journey, and goods for sale will reach clients in excellent condition.

Should you get a low-bed or RGN trailer?

If you plan to transport a large number of goods regularly, but your cargo will not pass 80,000 pounds, a low-bed trailer will be sufficient. To reach their maximum capacity, these trailers will need to have additional axle lines fitted. If you want to transport up to 150,000 pounds, you will need an RGN trailer. The trailer for these can be detached when required, so you do not need any lifting equipment to pack heavy cargo.

Choose a transporter that will keep your horses comfortable

Some trailers are designed especially for horses, ensuring that they will not be injured or subjected to undue stress during their journey. Basic single-wide options are available on eBay, providing you with rear gates for an entry that makes it easy to load your horses. To find the right vehicle trailer, consider the following:

  • A slant load trailer allows horses to have a view of the road while standing side by side.
  • A goose-neck horse trailer will give you more control while backing up or turning.
  • Living-quarters trailers are ideal for ensuring that horses and riders stay relaxed right before competitions.
Choose a trailer that can handle the weight of your cargo

Various transporters are built to handle the weight of heavy bikes, fridges, or other items, and keep them in position so that wires and delicate electronics are not displaced when driving on poor road surfaces. You need to know how much your typical cargo weighs before you select a transporter from eBay. Determine:

  • The weight of each item you plan to carry.
  • The towing capacity of each vehicle you are interested in.
  • Unique amenities for the type of cargo you have.
  • The curb weight with a full fuel tank.
Do all car carrier trailers come with stacking platforms?

Stacker car trailers usually have a lift, which allows you to raise cars to the upper level. Vendors on eBay have both goosenecks, and bumper pull options that can carry three cars. Most car carrier trailers on eBay have stacking platforms, and these allow you to carry a lot of cars at one time. This reduces transportation time and allows you to fulfil orders on larger batches. Standard car carriers on eBay can transport seven or eight cars.