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Own a Classic Commodore 64 Computer

Released in 1982, the Commodore 64 computer is one of the most iconic personal computers of the 20th century. Over 17 million units were sold worldwide, so it was also one of the best-known household and business machines of yesteryear. With a regular desktop version and an updated portable SX-64 version available, you can own a piece of history by buying a Commodore 64 on eBay. Here are a few things you may want to know about it.

Is the Commodore 64 portable?

While the original Commodore 64 computer is not portable, the portable SX-64 version has a carrying handle and weighs just 23 pounds. As the world’s first portable full-colour display computer, it does not lack functionality. It has a built-in screen, a floppy drive, and all the same ports as its larger counterpart. However, the portable version only has the power to run one floppy drive at a time.

What technical features does the Commodore 64 have?

The Commodore 64’s CPU is a 1 MHz MOS 6510 processor, supporting 3 channels of sound with 64K of RAM. The display measures 320 by 200 pixels and shows up to 25 lines of text with 40 characters in a row. Connection ports include a cartridge port, a serial port, 2 joystick ports for gaming, and a TV port in RGB format. These ports are designed to connect to peripherals like printers, modems, cassette recorders, and external floppy drives.

What are the main accessories for the Commodore 64 computer?

While the Commodore 64 computer typically refers to just the processing unit and the keyboard attached to it, you may want to get a few extra accessories to make it fully functional. Some offers on eBay come in bundles with some of these items, for your convenience.

  • Monitor: The classic CRT Commodore monitor plugs into the RGB TV port of the Commodore 64, so you can see what you are inputting into the computer from the keyboard.
  • Floppy Drive: To save information or load programs from floppy drives, you will need to connect a floppy drive reader to the computer.
  • Connection cables: These connect power cables to monitor cables and external disk drive cables, so they are important to keep the Commodore 64 up and running.
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