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Compact Camera Case for GoPro

GoPro cameras are great for taking exciting outdoor video footage in all weather conditions - but while their range of cameras are excellent, GoPro have not yet produced their own storage solution to keep your GoPro protected on your travels. Choosing a compact camera case for your GoPro is essential to keeping the camera performing at its best.

Specially designed for GoPro cameras , these compact cases are the ideal way to both store and transport your GoPro.

Keeping things compact means your GoPro can be easily stored in a cupboard or on a shelf when at home. When you're out and about, their handy size allows them to fit in a heavily packed car, your backpack or suitcase, or even in a coat pocket ready to be taken out at a moment's notice!

Convenient Compartments

Chances are you have several GoPro accessories including spare batteries, SD cards , wires and mounts that you need to store along with your camera. Picking a compact case with a variety of well thought-out compartments is a must, allowing you to fit in your camera, its outer housing and any accessories and attachments you might need. Protective material around the compartments will prevent components from bumping into each other, potentially causing costly damage.

Protective Casing

GoPro cameras are known for being sturdy but they still need the best in protection to avoid damage. Look out for compact cases with good protective materials. Foam padding, shockproof shells and waterproof fabrics will all help keep your GoPro camera safe from the elements while you are out in the field.

Outer casing comes in a choice of colours and shapes - from square to circular and from black to electric blue - so there's sure to be a case to suit your style. Most GoPro cases will fit a variety of camera models but do make sure you check that yours is compatible before you buy.

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