Choose the Right Compact DVD Player for Your Living Room

A compact DVD player is perfect if you have limited space, or if you want to cut down on clutter. Small doesn't have to mean simple as, despite their compact size, these DVD players pack all the features you'll need. Available from a range of brands, and in different styles and colours, you're sure to find the right compact DVD player for you on eBay.

What features should you look for in a small DVD player?

All DVD players play DVD's, but many also have added extra features to enhance your entertainment experience. Before buying, think about whether you want the following:

  • HDMI connectivity: DVD players come with either SCART or HDMI sockets to connect to your TV. SCART is standard definition, HDMI is HD. Installation varies, so check the manufacturer site for details.
  • HD up-scaling: All DVDs are standard definition. HD up-scaling is a technology which boosts the resolution of your movies to near-HD quality.
  • Blu-ray support: Blu-ray discs hold more information than DVDs, so they can hold an entire HD movie. If you want to watch your favourite shows in Full HD quality, bag a Blu-ray compatible player.
Are DVD players just for DVDs?

No. You probably have home movies, photos, and other content you'd like to see on the big screen of your TV, so choosing the right DVD player can help. See the manufacturer site for exact details, but some things to look out for are:

  • USB Support: If you have home movies, photo libraries, or other digital content stored on your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC, look out for a DVD player with USB support. You can plug in a memory stick or other USB device, and watch your favourite content on your TV.
  • Support for re-writable discs: Maybe you have old home movies, or music files, stored on CD-R, DVD-RW, or another disc format? If so, look out for DVD players which support the formats you have.
  • Freeview tuners: Some DVD players double up as Freeview boxes, or even support streaming services. If you really want to save space, these might be the right option for you.
  • Digital Recorders (DVR): If you love a good binge session, look out for DVD players with DVR capability, allowing you to record all your favourite shows and watch them back at a time to suit you.