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Computer Cases

Building your own computer and putting together all the necessary elements, such as the hard drive, motherboard, graphics cards and processors can really maximise performance for your requirements. There are a range of different types of computer cases you can choose from to house all the internal workings.

Types of computer cases

A full tower case is a traditional upright type of computer case. It will be large enough to fit in all the necessary workings and may come with other elements already included, such as disk drives and fans.

A mid tower case is a medium size upright computer case. These are a good choice if you wish to have full functionality but don't have a lot of room where you'll be storing the computer, if you plan to keep it on a shelf or under a desk, for instance.

A mini tower computer case is the smallest of the upright cases. This would be a good choice if you perhaps don't need so much capacity within the machine itself, as you won't be able to fit lots of internal workings and you want to store the computer in a small area.

A desktop computer case is the older style type of case that sits crossways on your desk. This type of computer case will take up more room on your actual desk surface, as its footprint is larger than for an upright machine. Desktop cases are available in different sizes, depending on what you want to fit into them and the space you have available.

Gaming computer cases tend to be larger than other types of computer case. In order to take advantage of all the functionality of some modern video games, gaming computers require larger amounts of RAM memory and may benefit from larger processors and graphics cards. The computer cases that are designed for gaming computers are thus usually built with more space inside to store these additional elements.

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