Saving Your GPU From Heat and Fire With Cooling Fans

A graphics processing unit is a heavy workhorse for data scientists, programmers, and web developers. When these devices get over-heated, you run the risk of losing valuable work as well as valuable time. A GPU fan replacement can be installed before a complete meltdown—you just need to find the right video card fan for sale on eBay.

Signs that you need to replace a GPU fan

There are many reasons why a graphics card starts to fail. These can include hacks or a hard drive failure. Integrated graphics systems may also fail due to motherboard issues. If you really want to know whether your GPU fan needs replacing, then you can run several diagnostic tests to see if the card is overheating. You can also listen for noisy fans. Since graphics cards are the power behind your computer's images, then image failure is another sure sign that your GPU fan needs changing. Here are a few warning signs that your current GPU fan needs replacing:

  • Artifacts: If your screen is cluttered with random colors and odd shapes that interfere with your normal view, then you are looking at artifacts. This is a sure sign that there's something wrong.
  • Heavy use: If you are a gamer or an avid watcher of streaming videos, then you are putting your graphics cards to the test. Be wary of any glitches during viewing.
  • Stuttering: This occurs when images on the screen jump and take a while to settle. This is an early warning sign of a number of problems, but GPU fan death is one of them.
Ways to identify your power connection

When you are replacing your GPU fan, you need to find an exact replacement. The fan will connect to your GPU using a pin-style connection. Typical connections are four-pin, three-pin, two-pin, and five-pin although there are others. An exact power connection is important. It ensures that the fan meets the RPM that is required to cool down the graphics card.

If you have the old fan available, then you can determine the power connection by looking at the end of the power adapter. The adapter may have one, two, or more headers. You can also determine the power connection pin-points by looking at the graphics card and by counting the number of plug-ins.

Can older video graphics card fans be replaced?

Many older used graphics cards still work well although they might not be able to keep up with newer technologies. You can use older graphics cards, but if you want to preserve the card, then you will most likely have to slow your AGP ports. You'll need to make certain that it is the right fit and that your current computer is compatible. eBay has a variety of reasonably priced graphics card fans, whether you need an older or a newer one.