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Increase Your Data Storage Capacity with a Hard Drive Caddy

Hard drive caddies can be used to attach hard drives to laptop storage expansion bays, local networks, and even optical drive bays. If you want to install an additional hard drive in your laptop, you will probably need a hard drive caddy. Fortunately, you can find a huge range of hard drive caddies at low prices on eBay.

When would you use an optical drive hard drive caddy?

An optical drive replacement hard drive caddy allows you to remove your laptops CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray drive and replace it with an additional 2.5” hard drive. This can be an ideal solution if your laptop only has one hard drive bay. Universal hard drive caddies will fit most makes and models of laptop with a SATA optical drive bay depth of 9.5 mm. Model specific hard drive caddies often provide a more seamless integration because they include a moulded fascia panel that matches the fascia of the removed optical drive.

Why would you need an internal hard drive caddy?

An internal hard drive caddy allows you to install an additional hard drive in an empty laptop expansion slot. The hard drive caddy to secures the hard drive in place and allows it to connect to your laptops data port. Some internal hard drive caddies are supplied with an adapter or interposer that changes the orientation of the hard drives data port allowing it to interface with the data port in your laptops expansion slot. Internal laptop hard drive caddies vary greatly by make and model.

What benefit does an external hard drive caddy offer?

External hard drive caddies allow you to connect a hard drive to your laptop or desktop computer via USB. External caddies usually connect via USB or Firewire, and are often plug and play, this means no system reboot is required in order to access the drive. External caddies can provide a low-cost data backup solution and offer a convenient means of transporting large volumes of data.

What is a NAS hard drive caddy?

NAS, or Network Attached Storage caddies allow you to connect a hard drive to your local network and allocate read / write privileges on a user account level. Some of the benefits of NAS include:

  • NAS storage is easy to setup.
  • Access files from any location.
  • No cloud storage subscription fees.
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