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Computer Mini Keyboards and Keypads

Many brands sell computer mini keyboards and keypads, so it is worth narrowing down your search to the exact specifications and usage requirements you have.

Firstly, choose the right connectivity, be it USB, Bluetooth RF (Radio Frequency), the six-pin PS/2 cable connector or infrared, which is mostly found as 4G. Wireless keyboards can be used for connecting to your TV, but there are other devices such as hand-held remote controls for TVs, smart boxes or gaming consoles. The main issue here is compatibility, so it's a good idea to check that the item you are interested in is both compatible with your device and that it is the correct version for different branded products or operating systems, such as Android, KODI smart TV boxes , and iMacs or MacBooks .

In many cases, wireless or USB connectivity makes the products widely compatible and this is usually highlighted in the product description. Be aware that using wireless mini keyboards and keypads around other wireless devices such as routers and aerials can sometimes cause interference.

Many buyers go for wireless slim line keyboards, because if you are buying an external keyboard to add onto a tablet device, you will be carrying the keyboard together with the tablet, so weight is obviously a factor. Several bestsellers also include a touchpad on the keyboard making it faster and more space effective than having to use a separate mouse.

The size and shape of the keys and spacing between the keys on mini keyboards will clearly influence a purchasing decision. This means how responsive the keys are and other ergonomic factors involved in keeping finger and wrist joints healthy when using it over an extended period of time.

Inevitably, space is at an absolute premium with these products and with smaller hand-held and gaming remote controls, it is worth considering how comfortable it is to hold and manipulate. Finally, check the other categories of features available, such as the type of backlighting, whether multimedia can be integrated or enhanced function keys, among others.

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