Computer Screen Privacy Filters

Computer Screen Privacy Filters

A thin plastic sheet that protects your computer screen from prying eyes, computer screen privacy filters are essential for when you need to keep your documents private. It allows you to see the screen while looking directly at it, but viewing from the side or from a distance shows only a heavily tinted screen, making it difficult or near impossible to see what is going on.

They are ideal for entering personal details in a public place or for use in public facing offices such as reception desks or kiosks. Many ATMs also use this feature and computer screen privacy filters bring a simplified version of this technology to the private computing market.

Choosing a computer screen privacy filter

Privacy filters come in a range of styles and sizes, but the most important thing to get right is the size. Firstly, determine the type of screen you have. This is easy. CRT monitors are the old fashioned big box types. LCD computer monitors are the thin and modern, then there are laptop and notebook screens which are pretty self explanatory.

Measuring your screen can be done diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Only measure the display and not any plastic framing. This will result in a measurement in inches that can be used to choose the correct privacy filter.

Fitting the privacy filter

Some filters are so exact in their measurement that they can just snap right into the monitor without clasps, using physics to keep them in place. Others use clips or clasps to hold them in place. Ensure that any products you buy that need clasps comes with them because they are difficult to replace individually.

Other types of filters

There are also anti-glare filters on the market which reduce screen glare for the user, as well as anti-dust and anti-static filters that combat those problems.