Computer Stands, Holders & Car Mounts

Computer Stands, Holders and Car Mounts

A convenient and cost-effective storage solution for your computer or laptop, computer stands, holders and car mounts are an excellent choice for both your home and your office, as well as your vehicle.

Choose from a wide range of computer stands in a selection of materials and styles, including both classic seated desks and adjustable standing desks.

Stands to suit your needs

Computer stands are available in a wide choice of styles, often with an adjustable height for correct posture and wheels for easy manoeuvrability. The majority of computer stands come with a separate drawer for your keyboard and mouse, should you be working on a PC.

As for materials, youll find a wide selection of computer stands in both stylish wood and lightweight metal to ensure durability and longevity, plus a match or a contrast to your home decor.

If you work from home regularly, why not invest in an adjustable portable stand? These modern computer stands have a range of uses and are ideal for homework or freelancing.

Computer holders for extra security

If youre simply looking for a place to store your laptop or a collection of laptops for the office or school, choose a computer holder or trolley. These specialised storage containers are often made with strong metals for added security and come equipped with a separate lock and key or padlock to ensure your equipment stays safe.

Car mounts for added convenience

If you work on the move a lot or spend a lot of time in the car travelling to and from work, you may benefit from a modern car mount for your laptop or tablet .

Most laptop car mounts are universal and come with an adjustable set of legs to fit most vehicle types, meaning youre sure to find a design that suits your specific needs.