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Computer water cooling pumps

Water cooling a PC system is ideal for drawing extra heat away from complex or overclocked PC systems. Any computer that has upgraded parts like Motherboards , RAM or video cards to increase performance will benefit. The advantages are greater heat reduction, quieter operation, reduced power consumption and attractive aesthetics. At the heart of a water cooled system is the pump and which one is best suited to a specific loop depends on several factors.

How computer water cooling pumps are classified

Computer water cooling pumps are categorised and measured in decibels for noise, watts for power consumption and, critically, head pressure and flow rate. It is also essential to consider known reliability - if a pump fails, heat will quickly build and a system can be irreparably damaged.

Computer water cooling pump flow rate and head pressure

Flow rate is defined as the quantity of liquid a pump can move without any restrictions. This is usually measured in gallons or litres per hour. Head pressure is principally how hard or high a pump can push liquid at full load. This measurement is based on how a pump pushes water through a thin tube and is usually measured in feet or metres.

Choosing the right computer water cooling pump

The correct pump for any given installation will be decided on flow rate against head pressure and will be dependent on the system and custom loop configuration. As a rule of thumb, a pump with a high flow rate is ineffective if it can't push water through a minor restriction whilst a pump with good head pressure but not much flow won't be suitable either.

Common computer water cooling pumps

The most common computer water cooling pumps are based on the Laing DDC design which has only one moving part making it highly reliable and effective. There are many other pump types to consider with more powerful motors and features that don't fit into the DDC form factor. These generally require more maintenance and care but bring additional versatility and aesthetic options to the build.

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