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Concert Tickets

Getting the chance to see your favourite band or solo artist live, or exploring new acts is the ultimate way to experience music. Whatever your taste and budget, theres a huge range of must-see music events throughout the year. Getting hold of concert tickets for some of the hottest gig dates is easy if you know how to start your search. You can check out concert tickets by price, date or venue or find tickets for specific artists.

Shop by town and venue

Big venues and cultural cities always have great concert dates lined up. If you dont want to travel too far, you can also see whats happening near you by looking at a search radius. Major music cities include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Dublin, Leeds and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. So, wherever you are in the UK, youll have somewhere close enough to enjoy quality live music.

Check out whats coming up

Finding concert tickets by year or month is another way. Youll find that most tickets are sold through major ticketing sites, and youll go through to their website to complete the payment and check out seats. If youre buying directly from a person, make sure the tickets are suitable for resale and they have clear photos detailing the ticket price, dates and seat numbers if applicable. Artists tend to announce their dates well in advance and they can go quick, so booking ahead is advisable.

Find tickets for top artists

If you specifically want to find tickets for some of the worlds best-selling artists, you can have a look at whats on offer. Refinements for big names like Adele, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran and Stone Roses are all there. So with one quick click, you can see if there are any available dates and concert tickets for your ultimate live act.