Construction Tools That Will Get the Job Done

Whether you are a construction worker or a home construction enthusiast, it is a good idea to have builder's tools for when you are on the move. Everyone needs basic tools that can be used with any type of construction job. There are many types of construction and concrete tools that you can use when working with wood, brick, metal, and concrete.

What basic construction tools do you need?

When thinking on the inexpensive used tools on eBay that you will need for most construction projects, these are the most important ones:

  • Hammers and nails - These are the most basic of the tools you will need and are the most important. Make sure you have several different types of hammers and a variety of different sizes of nails.
  • Power drill - For materials like brick and sheet metal, you will need a power drill. You will want both a power cord and a cordless unit. The cordless is good for ease of movement, but if your cordless construction tool loses its battery charge, you will need your power cord drill.
  • Screwdriver - Screwdrivers and screws come in a wide range of sizes and you should have a good mixture. Screwdrivers are one of the most useful tools you can have, and you need to make sure you have a Phillips head and a flat screwdriver and the corresponding nails.
  • Saw - A construction site will have large saws like table saws already in place, but you will need to bring a small saw in case you need it. You can fit a small straight saw in your toolbox and carry a small circular saw easily to the site.
  • Level and tape measure - Inevitably, you will need to cut your materials while on the job. A level and tape measure are invaluable for making precise and correct cuts.
  • Electrical tester - An electrical tester is necessary when you are conducting any type of electrical work. Even if not, it is a good idea to have this tool for testing outlets in areas you are working in.
Bricklayer's tools

While your basic construction tools are sufficient for most construction projects that require working with bricks already in place, actually laying brick requires more specialised construction tools. You will need various tools for handling mortar, like pointing, brick, finishing, edging, and flooring trowels. You will also want a lump hammer and brick bolster for splitting and cutting bricks. Other handy items include a cold chisel, a string line, and bricklayer's pins (for use with the string line).

What safety construction tools should you have?

Any time you work in construction, you should have basic safety items like gloves, goggles, hard hats, and proper shoes. These basic items will protect you from many types of job-related injuries.