Control Line and Free Flight Models and Kits

Flying free flight aeroplanes is surely one of the most exhilarating experiences open to hobbyists and it’s no surprise that it’s growing ever more popular. This means that there are always new products available to improve and perfect the flying experience as well as all the traditional kits and models that are so iconic within the industry. This range of control line and free flight models and kits is sure to have everything you need to expand your collection.

There are four main types of hobby craft available for collectors and enthusiasts. Gliders are the most simple on the face of it, as they don’t contain a power source, but can be tricky due to the techniques required to achieve a successful flight. You can also purchase indoor free flight models and kits, which are often smaller and lighter than outdoor models.

When it comes to investing in a model or kit that’s suitable for outdoor free flight, then it’s worth considering a CO2 powered aircraft. These feature compressed gas motors and you can even get models that have electric powered engines. The final option is a rubber powered aeroplane, which include wound elastic mechanisms to give them power and lift. This collection typically includes a wide range of models from all of these categories.

If you’re already fixed with your free flight aircraft, then it’s worth considering what accessories are available to improve and enhance its performance. One of the most popular items that collectors and hobbyists will want to invest in is a quality free flight timer - which can be very valuable depending on what type you prefer. They will typically be made from metal and will help you to maintain flight precision and distance.

This collection includes all of the accessories you could need to perfect your aircraft’s flying ability, and many ‘from-scratch’ kits if you want to create your own aeroplane. These can be modelled on vintage real-sized aircraft or are even just models that have been developed for free flight.