Cordless Home Phones and Handsets

Ideal for a range of locations around the house including your living room, kitchen and bedroom, a cordless phone allows clear communication wherever you need to make a call. The variety of home phones and handsets available gives you a large choice of features from basic models to advanced cordless phones with functions such as call blockers, answerphones plus much more. Cordless handsets allow you to pick up the phone and move around your house with complete freedom.

Handset Functions and Features

If youre looking for increased functionality from your home phone, there is a selection of advanced features from a range of top brands including BT, Panasonic, Gigaset, Binatone plus many others. Many models offer backlit displays to see callers details, large phonebook storage for important numbers, direct dialling from call lists and quality digital sound when making and receiving calls.

You can also experience long call time capabilities, message recording and paging functions in case the phone is hiding down the back of the sofa. Another popular feature is a call blocker which enables a block of numbers, such as withheld and international calls. You can also block lists of specific numbers.

Unique Designs

Aside from the traditional handheld devices, there is a selection of unique and individual cordless home phones and handsets to suit a range of decor themes. From slimline sets which resemble your mobile phone to funky designs from iDECT which would suit contemporary interiors, there is something for a variety of tastes and requirements.

Easy Setup

Cordless phones and handsets are easy to set up and come with comprehensive instructions for use. Many models will require an initial charging time on first use to ensure the battery retains optimum charging power. Setting up other phones in your house is simple too and many handsets can be purchased in twin and trio sets for use in other rooms.

Top Products in Cordless Home Phones & Handsets

  • Gigaset E560A Cordless Big Button DECT Hearing Aid LED Screen Telephone Silver
  • BT 2700 Nuisance Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone W/ Answer Machine Handset X 4
  • Geemarc AMPLIDECT 295 Photo Amplified Cordless Telephone With Answering Machine
  • BT 4000 Cordless Big Button Phone With Nuisance Call Blocker (pack of 2) Boxed
  • BT 3570 Twin DECT Digital Cordless Telephone Answer Machine Last Number Redial
  • Panasonic Kxtg6801 Cordless Telephone With Answer Machine Caller ID Single
  • BT Advanced Cordless Home Phone X2 Handsets With 100 Nuisance Call Blocking
  • BT Everyday Cordless Home Phone With Basic Call Blocking Twin Handset Pack
  • Panasonic Kx tgc220eb Digital Cordless Phone With LCD Display Black
  • BT 4600 Big Button Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone Trio
  • BT 3570 Digital Cordless Answerphone With Nuisance Call Blocking
  • Panasonic Kxtgb210 Black Single DECT Digital Cordless Telephone
  • Panasonic KXTGB212EB Twin Handset Digital Cordless Phone
  • BT Premium 090632 Cordless Home Phone Three Handsets
  • British Telecom Everyday DECT Phone Trio 90663
  • iDECT Loop Lite Plus Call Blocker Single White
  • Binatone Veva 1915 Single Call Blocker Grade a
  • iDECT Loop Lite Plus Twin Call Blocker White
  • Panasonic KXTGC310 Digital Cordless Telephone
  • Panasonic KX TGJ322EB Cordless Phone System