Try Daring New Styles With Mixed Lots of Costume Jewellery

Don't want to commit to just one style of jewellery? Life's too short for that - so get yourself a costume jewellery mixed lot from eBay. Here's where you can find a number of different pieces of jewellery. Mix and match, or try just a few select pieces of costume jewellery. Find your own style.

Costume jewellery styles to try

The beauty of costume jewellery is that it's cheap and easy to try out, without making a big financial commitment. This allows you to swap things around according to your outfit and mood. Here are a few jewellery styles that you can comfortably try out.

  • Go bold with a lot of bangles. Stack them on your wrist so they go part of the way up your arm. Look for different colours that complement each other.
  • Try mixed metals costume jewellery for an unusual look. The rules might say that silver and gold can never go together - but you don't have to listen to that, do you?
  • Experiment with statement earrings. Choose a pair that are long and dangly, and wear them with your hair up to make sure they stand out.
  • Mix rings. Wear one on each finger of one hand for a funky look.
Preparing used costume jewellery for a new wearer

Vintage costume jewellery is a fun way to try something new. Generally, most types of jewellery will be safe to wear, though, of course, you might want to polish each piece before putting it on to get it looking good. However, earrings should be disinfected before wearing them. You can do this easily at home with hydrogen peroxide.

What styles of costume jewellery will suit your complexion?

If you really love a particular piece, then you should just go ahead and wear it - don't worry about what people think. However, if you're not sure what will look good on you, first of all, consider your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin colour, then gold plated costume jewellery will usually suit you. On paler skin, sterling silver costume jewellery will usually look better.

Will you really use a mixed lot of costume jewellery?

Some people might have their doubts about getting a whole mixed lot of costume jewellery. However, even if you never wear some pieces, you're sure to find others that suit you. Mixed lots are also a great choice if you are involved in amateur dramatics, or you have children who enjoy dressing up.