Curtain Poles and Finials

The finishing touch to your home décor, choose curtain poles and finials to really pull any room together and show off your curtains.

What is the difference between curtain poles and tracks? They both serve the same purpose but tracks cannot be used for eyelet curtains, only pencil pleat curtains. To hang pencil pleat curtains on any curtain pole, all you need are some rings and curtain hooks.

Curtain poles also offer so much more in terms of design. As you can see curtain poles, you'll need to choose some that match the colour scheme and style of the room.

Materials and Styles

The reason why curtain poles are popular is their versatility, they come in a range of materials and styles to perfectly suit your home. Choose plastic, metal or wood, gloss or matte finishes and any colour to pair with your curtains.


Finials are the ends of the curtain pole and are larger than the pole to prevent the rings or curtains from falling off the edge of the pole. You can choose any shape you like from simple to intricate. Choose gothic shapes and designs, elegant glass or spiralled metal.

The most common design of finial you'll see is the ball shape but there are so many shapes and designs, you'll find some to perfectly match your décor.

Choosing Curtain Poles

When choosing curtain poles, you should allow 15-20cm on either side of the window recess. This is to ensure that your curtains fully cover your windows. If you're choosing heavier curtains, you may want to add extra allowance so that the curtains don't look too bulky when open.

If you are not sure about the allowance, you can always buy extendible poles so that you can adjust them as you hang your curtains.

If your window is too small or large for any of the set sizes then you can cut them to size or connect two poles with a connector.