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D/SLR Body Camera Flash Diffuser

Using a flash on your D/SLR, also known as a digital single-lens reflex or DSLR , can be tricky. Flash can reduce the contrast in a photograph, create unwanted shadows and can wash people and objects out, so you cannot see the true colour in all its brightness and refined sharpness. Fortunately, with a DSLR body camera flash diffuser you can combat any problems you encounter with flash easily.

Benefits of DSLR Body Camera Flash Diffusers

When using a flash on a camera, many people have a difficult decision of needing to use a flash to capture the picture, to give it light and not to leave the photograph underexposed. The problem is that using flash leaves the photographer knowing that the picture is likely to look washed out, with bad lighting and is not a true reflection of the image in front of the camera.

A flash diffuser changes the way the flash hits your photo subjects, instead of creating a direct light that will blast the subject head on, a flash diffuser helps to create a softer light that makes your picture look much better. A flash diffuser helps to give a more natural light, scattering light evenly to help give the shot more exposure without the drastic effects of flash being used on its own.

Flash diffusers work in a similar way to lampshades, instead of allowing intense light to shine directly from the flashbulb the flash diffuser spreads the light from the bulb, creating a warmer and softer glow, instead of a direct and unflattering beam of light that leads straight ahead.

There are many different types of flash diffusers on the market. The range includes bounce flash diffusers to shell diffusers which are plastic caps that are placed over the head of the pop-up flash on the camera and often sit on the hot shoe slot. Another option is softboxes which are more common as they can usually fit on most camera models.

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