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Take Your Favourite Radio Stations Wherever You Go With a Portable DAB Radio

A portable DAB radio allows you to enjoy your favourite radio stations wherever you are: in the kitchen, in the garden, or on the go. There are models designed for personal play, which allow you to listen through earphones, and models that are designed to be played through speakers for everyone around you to enjoy. Whichever type you require, there is a model that will meet your needs and budget on eBay.

How is a portable DAB radio powered?

A portable DAB radio is powered either through replaceable batteries or via an internal, rechargeable battery. Some models can run off mains power as well as with batteries, making them ideal if you need a radio that can be used within the home and taken out when needed. Models vary with regard to the battery type that they use and battery life, so always check the manufacturer's information for details.

What features should you look out for when choosing your portable DAB Radio?

DAB radios can be feature-packed. Here are some that you might want to look out for when choosing your DAB radio:

  • Touchscreen: Allows you to operate your radio via a touchscreen.
  • Play/Pause/Rewind: Some radios will allow you to pause and rewind live radio.
  • Record: Record your favourite radio programmes to enjoy at your convenience.
  • EPG: An Electronic Programme Guide lets you see what programmes are coming up on your favourite stations.
  • DAB+: Some models might be DAB+ compatible – this offers a better sound quality than standard DAB.
Are you able to connect other devices to a portable DAB Radio?

Yes, many models allow you to connect a device such as a phone or a tablet so that you can play audio from them directly through the speakers on your radio. Some models might need to you to connect them via an auxiliary cable, whereas other models might have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect them wirelessly.

How many radio stations are available on DAB Radio?

A portable DAB radio will allow you to pick up all the digital radio stations transmitting from the UK. This means that you will have access to over 40 national radio stations, as well as any other stations that may broadcast specifically within your local area.

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