DJ Controllers

Your Guide to DJ Controller Units

There are many DJ controller consoles that you can find on eBay. Most DJ consoles are all in one units that provide you with multiple audio sources, plus a central section that is used for adding audio effects and mixing. Essentially, a DJ controller allows you to get going with a single piece of equipment, rather than having to invest in pairs of CDJ decks, turntables, and a separate crossfader.

What are the key features of a DJ controller?

Every DJ console should have at least two audio sources, and perhaps a pair of CDJ decks that are built in as well. However, many offer more than this; for example, the ability to plug in MP3 players. If you want to beat match between tracks, then a speed control system for all your playback is essential. The mixer section of a DJ controller should have some type of equalizer for each input channel, as well as a crossfader that allows you to switch between audio signals. Other optional features include:

  • MIDI compatability.
  • DJ audio effects, such as reverb.
  • A built in sampler.
  • Performance pads.
Can a twin deck DJ controller help with performance?

Although some professional DJs prefer separate components with their set up, a 2 deck DJ MP3 mix controller with jog dial CDJ decks is a great way to get a professional sound without having a great deal of DJ experience. This is because these systems tend to offer functions like automatic BPM selection and auto looping, which makes it easier to pull off advanced DJ techniques. Many are also backlit with LEDs, which helps you see what you are doing while performing.

Do you need any other equipment to DJ?

Although a DJ controller has much of what youll need in order to start DJing, there are some other accessories that are worth purchasing to go with your chosen unit. A microphone and a compatible lead is a good idea. Youll also need good headphones to help you cue up each track before you begin mixing. Finally, DJ consoles dont usually come with a PA system, so youll need one of these if you want to be heard.

Do you need a line/phone input switch?

A line/phone input switch attenuates the level of an audio signal, so youll only really need this functionality if you want to connect your DJ controller with vinyl turntables.

Top Products in DJ Controllers

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  • Denon MC4000 Professional DJ Controller