DJ Decks & Turntables

DJ Decks and Turntables

Professional and hobby disc jockeys alike can find the equipment they need to spin and mix their tracks among DJ decks and turntables. New and used equipment from some of the leading brands will help ensure your set goes to plan, or you can practice and create music with ease from the comfort of your bedroom.

Whether you are looking for your first DJ deck or you are looking to upgrade your current system there is plenty to choose from, whatever your budget. One of the leading manufacturers of turntables is Numark, and you can find a bargain TT200 direct drive turntable sold second-hand. This model features a professional-standard turntable with a high-torque motor and it has been made with a steel top and a vibration-reducing, rubber-coated base and cabinet.

A brand new Numark TT250 is a state-of-the-art deck which incorporates software to convert records to digital files for Macs and PCs. It has a quartz-controlled direct drive motor for speed accuracy, an S-shaped tonearm for precise tracking of record grooves and a die-cast aluminium platter.

Another leading name in DJ equipment is Pioneer. The digital DJ will have everything they need with the CDJ-1000, the later CDJ-1000MK2 and the more recent CDJ-1000MK3 from Pioneer, all which can be found used, in good working condition. These decks play CDs. The original 1000 revolutionised the way CDs were played when it was first launched giving you the possibility of stopping digital sound with your finger just like vinyl. The CDJ-1000MK2 has an additional fine-tuned Jog Dial for improved sensitivity, creativity and control and the MK3 combines MP3 compatibility.

Stanton equipment which can be bought new or used includes a pair of used ST-150 direct drive turntables. The latest T62 M2 direct drive turntable can be bought new and features a 1.6kg motor torque and straight tonearm for high-quality scratching and tracking, a pitch control fader and a free copy of Deckadance 2 DJ software.