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DKNY Women's Purses and Wallets

DKNY Womens Purses and Wallets

Picking the perfect purse can take some time. You may want to consider when it will be used, what will be stored in it and how big or small it needs to be. The range of DKNY womens purses and wallets cater for every possibility.

Coin purses can be placed in larger bags or carried separately. This makes them ideal for use on nights out and holidays when you want to avoid carrying more than you need. DKNY purses generally fasten with zips or metal clasps ensuring that the contents are safe and secure.

For day to day use, DKNY stock a range of bifold purses . These purses have two panels which fold together, similar to a book. They have compartments for notes, receipts and cards meaning all your essentials are in the one place.

For women who like to carry a bit more, photo holder purses , wallets and organisers are available in many colours. Often made of leather, these come with zipped compartments for coins as well as slots for notes and receipts and transparent panels to keep treasured photos of loved ones.

A lot of DKNY purses and wallets come with a removable strap giving you the option of using them solely as a purse or utilising them as a clutch bag. Stylish and trendy, the purses and wallets come in both plain colours as well as patterns which can complement any outfit.

The DKNY brand

Donna Karan founded DKNY in 1984, the founders initials along with the initials of the place it is based (New York) gives the brand its acronym name. They specialise in fashion goods for men and women with stores across the globe including the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

The range of products available includes mens and womens fashion, leather goods, accessories and make-up products.