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Improve Atmospheric Lighting with DMX LED Lights

Lighting can be used to create the right mood for your performance or special event. From the energy-giving qualities of red, to eerie atmospheric green tones, the correct lighting can make an enormous difference to the enjoyment of your audience. Whether you're a musician preparing for gigs, staging a theatre performance, or planning a family event, eBay has a wide range of DMX LED lights to offer a solution to your digital multiplex lighting needs.

How can you find the right DMX LED lights?

You should think about the size of the venue and whether the lighting installation will be temporary or permanent. Other factors which play a role are:

  • Manufacturer: Choose between branded and non-branded, but make sure the lights are compatible with any equipment you already possess.
  • Type: PAR, PAR fixture, spotlight/beam, and/or washlight fixture are some of the many types of DMX LED lights available.
  • Lighting effects: Among the wide variety on eBay, you'll find colour mixing, pattern Gobo(s), laser, strobe, and/or moonflower (reflected off mirrored surfaces).
  • Motion: Lighting fixtures can be automated or manual, as well as static, pan, and/or tilt.
  • Mode: DMX can be used in combination with auto mode, sound-activated, master-slave, and/or IRC.
What accessories do you need with DMX LED lights?

Your purchase of clamps, stands, cables, and/or lighting bags/cases will depend on whether your lighting will be installed in a permanent venue, the weight of the lighting fixtures, and whether you need to have protective casing for when it's in transit and/or storage. Other accessories available on eBay include:

  • DMX controllers vary in complexity and size, and can be operated by a console, foot panel, remote control unit, software, or Wi-Fi connections.
  • DMX splitters allow you to send the digital signal to a larger number of lights/ devices, and/or to send the signal in different directions simultaneously.
  • DMX relays are suitable for permanent lighting installations so that power circuits can be turned off and on.
What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LED lights?

RGB lights mix the primary colours (red, green, blue) in different combinations to produce a wide palette of colours to suit your event and venue. Although RGB LED lighting can produce a close approximation of white, RGBW LED lighting gives you a purer shade of white, and also allows you to mix this white light with the primary colours for a larger range of colours.

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