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A DVI to VGA Converter Brings Visuals to Life

To improve picture quality on your old gaming console or use an analog format to display classic movies, utilise a DVI to VGA converter. Options on eBay let your family enjoy a sharper display with family photos or home videos.

Can a DVI to VGA converter let you connect a computer with a VGA output to your DVI-D monitor?

Several options on eBay facilitate conversion from DVI to VGA and vice versa, so you must be sure of what you need for business or personal user. A DVI to VGA cable will not convert a VGA signal to DVI, so if your output is VGA, you must get another type of converter.

Can you double the VGA output from a video card with a DVI to VGA converter?

Some cards have a VGA and DVI port, so you may use a DVI-VGA adapter to convert the DVI-out to analog VGA, giving you two VGA outputs, and giving you dual analog monitor capabilities. There are several cases where a modern video card will have a VGA port, but some do not. An adapter provides the following benefits:

  • It can carry a DVI signal to a CRT monitor, budget LCD, or any other analog display.
  • Some integrated cables on eBay are capable of carrying both a digital-to-digital signal and an analog-to-analog signal.
  • It can connect your DVI-I laptop computer, to any analog VGA projector, so you can make presentations.
How far can you extend a DVI to VGA converter?

People may want to use a DVI to VGA converter to make a presentation at a community centre with their laptop, or set up gaming consoles for their friends, so the length of cable required will vary. Options on eBay are designed to transit a signal without much degradation. The standard for DVI to VGA converters requires manufacturers to keep the signal steady over at least 5 metres, and most manufacturers surpass that, delivering quality signals at distances of 8 metres and more. If you see signs of unsteady resolution on your display it may mean that conversion is taking place, but the signal is degrading because of the distance. A signal booster may be required in that case, and is usually recommended at distances of 12 metres to reduce signal noise, while ensuring that a usable image appears on your display.

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