Relive Days of Yore in a Daimler Classic Car

Founded in 1926, the German company Daimler AG has remained a powerful force in the automotive industry to this day. Own a bit of history with your own vintage Daimler car. Find a large selection at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Are these classic Daimler cars for sale in running order?

Many of these Daimler cars are in optimal working order for their age. Some have been completely restored so they are in like-new condition. Others might need a little TLC, and others might not run but could be used for restoration, spares, and repairs. All these choices mean you can find just the right classic Daimler car to suit your needs. The vehicle listings should cover information like the mileage on the car, any aged parts that were replaced, and the number of previous owners. This can give you an idea of how well the vehicle was maintained and how it should perform for you.

Types of classic Daimler cars for sale

There are many different models and body styles from which to choose, including saloons and estates in two- and four-door versions. The majority of classic Daimler cars run on regular petrol and have automatic or semi-automatic transmissions. Alongside the Daimler Dart, Daimler Hearse, and Daimler Limousine, you can find the following vehicles for sale:

  • Daimler V8 250
  • Daimler Sovereign 4.2 Series 1
  • Daimler Double Six V12
  • Daimler Conquest Saloon
Features of Daimler classic cars

Boasting the quality of German engineering, Daimler classic cars were ahead of their time. You can find a variety of features available on different models. A sampling of such features includes front seat belts, fog lamps, zone-toughened windscreen, and sealed-beam headlamps. Some other possible features on varying models include the signature fluted Daimler grille and rear plate shroud, chromium-plated windows, and semi-wraparound rear windows. You might also find interior amenities such as cigar lighters, interior floodlighting, leather seats, labelled switches, and starter buttons.

Choosing the right Daimler classic car

Choosing the right vintage Daimler car depends on your personal preferences. Consider whether you have the additional time and money to put into restoring a vehicle little by little or if you'd prefer to purchase a model that has already been restored. It's a good idea to set a budget for your purchase. Then, you can shop and compare different models and years side by side on eBay. This saves you time and money otherwise spent travelling to find the right vehicle.