Brighten up your home with David Hockney art prints

Add a new piece of art to your home in the form of a David Hockney art print from this great range. David Hockney is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, and his works are hugely popular among collectors. 

Hockney has been known to use a variety of different media to create his artwork, including paint, watercolours, printmaking, photography, paper pulp and even iPad drawing apps. He creates art inspired by many different subjects, from landscapes to still-lifes to portraits, so theres bound to be an art print in this range that would fit perfectly in your home. 

David Hockney landscape prints

Hockney grew up in Yorkshire, and has created many works depicting the landscape around his hometown in a number of different seasons. Look out for David Hockney canvas art prints featuring rolling hills in patchwork shades, winter trees with bare branches or lush and leafy scenes full of vibrant greens. You might also find Hockney landscapes with dramatically different subject matter such as the Grand Canyon, crafted in earthy tones of red, orange and yellow. 

David Hockney portrait prints

Hockney is also well known for the many portraits he has painted throughout his career. From lifelike portraits of friends and family like his "My Parents" to more abstract depictions of figures like "We Two Boys Together Clinging", youll find loads of Hockney portraits to add something new to your home. 

If youre a huge fan of the artist himself, you could even look out for a David Hockney self-portrait art print to add to your art collection. 

Other David Hockney art prints

There are so many other David Hockney art prints that you could choose, such as David Hockney Pop art prints. There are also those inspired by his life in California, like "A Bigger Splash". Hockney has also turned to fairytales for inspiration, with a series of prints based on stories from the Brothers Grimm.