Decorated Christmas Trees

The festive season is a busy time of year and a decorated Christmas tree can save you valuable time during the Christmas period. From traditional to contemporary, in a wide range of colours and sizes, you can shop a dazzling array of decorated Christmas Trees .

Light-up Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree isn’t complete without lights and you can find the ultimate range of pre-lit Christmas trees to brighten up your home. You can browse traditional look trees complete with artificial candles, or contemporary options with LED or fibre optic lights. There is also a selection of glitter and flashing lights to peruse in an array of colours.

Coloured Christmas Trees

From snowy white to funky pink, choose a coloured Christmas tree to match your taste and decor! These trees throw away the rule book when it comes to tradition, while still maintaining the charm and warmth of the festive season.

Snow Effect Christmas Trees

You can’t always guarantee a White Christmas, but with a choice of realistic snow covered trees you will certainly capture the holiday spirit. Bring a touch of winter wonderland to your home or workplace and whatever the weather, you’ll be letting it snow this Christmas.

Pop-up Christmas Trees

For all of the wow factor without all of the hard labour, shop pop-up trees for a storage friendly option. Designed to be slim-line and space saving for those wanting a tree that doesn’t take over the whole room, pop-up trees are quick to assemble and easy to stash away in-between uses.

Traditional Christmas Trees

For the classic look, these artificial trees are as close to the real thing as you can come. There are several sizes to choose from, starting with miniature, right up to the ultimate 8ft tree and everything in between. You can choose between full and partial decoration - from lights to baubles - there is something to suit every taste.